Alfie is originally from Philadelphia and grew up in a rough part of town where he was faced with hard times and struggled with living in a place of crime.  With that he has still managed to have a comedic sense of humor which comes through his work.  His journey from a hardened background also lead him to eventually  seeking solace in the teachings of meditation and sprituality where he finds drawing and painting as a means to meditate as well as a great tool to learn from through the process.  

 A little more about Alfie.  Although this is a slightly older picture his hair has grown past his shoulders and is even more luxurious.  He has a tattoo of a tarantula holding a spatula on his right bicep, a Michael Sieben illustration with the quote "there's nothing wrong with you", a stoned pickle smoking a joint on this left bicep and a blue polka dotted brontosaurus on his left forearm.  His biscep measurements are 15'' and his right side might be a little bigger.

His career consists of working in VFX studios such as Digital Domain, Sony Pictures,  and Laika on movies for Tron, Alice and Wonderland, Paranorman.  More filmography IMDB  He also freelances storyboarding on the side.  -THANH NGU- (wife)